The light filled studio space can accommodate 6 makers and has been designed for a flexible experience to facilitate makers needs, with movable work benches, a variety of wheels, extruder, slab roller and a range of other studio equipment. There is a space for mould making. The kiln room is equipped with several electric kilns. We are working on the transformation of a quiet reflective space above the studio area, with sofas to sit, relax and read, alongside an area of tables to draw or write. The space will also hold a library of ceramic books and magazines to inspire and help with research. 

The studio has a variety of boards, basins, buckets, rolling pins and guides, whirlers/ banding wheels, spritz bottles, cloths, plaster slabs. We recommend you bring your own personal tools with you. We have several clays available and specialist materials can be pre-ordered. Independent working is expected.